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DIY Crazy Milkshake “Freakshake” Costume

Can you EVEN handle this giant stick of rock candy?!?! I. Die. You know those crazy “freakshake” milkshakes that everyone went nuts for this year? Well, we’re turning those into a costume complete with a whipped cream hat and the best giant candy accessories I’ve ever seen!!! We wanted to make sure we fit in some food-related costumes this year (you guys have been requesting them!) so we’ve been working on ones that you can make by just adding a few pieces onto a dress you might already have in your closet! The shining star of this costume is definitely the rock candy, BUT it’s a bit tough to make so we have detailed instructions below! P.S. Without cheating, I bet you can’t guess what it’s made out of. 😉

I hope you guys love this one as much as I do! I know I say this with pretty much every one of our costumes, but this one tops the charts for favorite costume ever! I mean, how can you not have fun on Halloween with a hat that looks like a dollop of whipped cream??

For the hat:

White cotton batting (here)
Multiple colors of paper
Paper towel tube
Pink paint
Hot glue gun


For the dress:

Pink dress (here)
White felt
Multiple colors of paper
Hot glue gun
Gummy bear lamp (here)
White ribbon


For the rainbow lollipop:

White styrofoam circle (we got ours at the craft store)
Multiple colors of paint
1/2″ wooden dowel
White spray paint
Hot glue gun


For the giant rock candy:

Bubble wrap
About 2 pool noodles
Pink spray paint
1″ wooden dowel
3″ styrofoam ball
Beige spray paint
Hot glue gun


For the hat:

1. Cut the batting into strips and scrunch it up into pieces that resemble whipped cream. Hot glue the pieces together and create a large spiral. Hot glue the batting “whipped cream” to a headband.

2. To make the sprinkles, roll up various colors of paper into tubes and glue the end to keep it shut. Glue the sprinkles all over the whipped cream hat.

3. Cut a paper towel roll in half. Paint it white and pink striped and once it has dried, attach it to the top of the whipped cream.

4. We added little lollipops to the top of our hat by painting small styrofoam balls and attaching them to cookie sticks.


For the dress:

1. On a sheet of white felt, draw out some milkshake drips to go around the collar of the dress. Cut out the felt and hot glue it to the dress.

2. Glue some paper sprinkles to the felt and any other small candies you would like.

3. Since the gummy bear is too heavy to attach directly onto the dress, hot glue a ribbon to the back of the gummy bear, creating a strap to put around your arm.


For the rainbow lollipop:

1. With a pencil, draw out a spiral shape onto your foam circle. Paint different sections of the spiral different colors to create a rainbow lollipop. Allow the paint to dry completely.

2. Spray paint your 1/2 ” dowel with white spray paint and attach it with hot glue to the bottom of the foam lollipop circle.


For the giant rock candy:

1. Cut a small hole out of your styrofoam ball and hot glue the 1″ dowel into it. Spray paint the whole thing beige and allow to dry completely.

2. Using a roll of bubble wrap, wrap the dowel until it resembles a rock candy shape. Hot glue the bubble wrap in place.

3. With your scissors, cut slices off of a pool noodle and cut them into small wedges. Hot glue multiple wedges together to look like a rock candy rock.

4. Glue the wedge clusters on top of the bubble wrap to cover up the bubble wrap completely. Cover the stick with painters tape and spray paint the rest of the rock candy pink. Allow to dry for moving.


Are you in candy heaven yet?! How many of you were able to guess that the rock candy is actually made out of a pool noodle? Bonus points to all of you! I hope some of you dress up as a crazy milkshake this year. And if you do, make sure to use the tag #AwwSamCostumeParty on Instagram so we can share your photos with everyone!

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  • 2 thoughts on "DIY Crazy Milkshake “Freakshake” Costume"

    1. Anne says:

      A pool noodle! I didn’t see that one coming Sam. When I saw this on IG I first thought they were kitchen sponge. 🙂


    2. Kayleigh says:

      I would have guessed at sponges-they remind me of the make-up sponges my sister used to use haha! Did NOT see pool noodle coming ☺ such an awesome costume! 💕👍


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