Aww Sam Has A New Office Space!

You read that right folks, we’re moving into a new studio/office space! We just signed the lease last week so it’s official that we now have an Aww Sam office in Brooklyn!!! (Do the amount of exclamation points show you how excited we are?!) For a year and a half now we’ve been operating out of a 500 sq ft space in our three bedroom loft, and I never thought the day would come when our living room could actually be a living room again. And I know what you’re thinking, yes, every shoot we did was in that tiny space! That’s why I’m so stoked to have more SPACE! It’s always super scary for me to take a huge step like this because there’s nothing we have to fall back on now that Kyle is part of the team full time now, but I’ve always been the kind of person to act first and then figure the rest out later, so that’s exactly what I did for this decision.

So let’s dive into the story of how we found this space. We had been actively/not actively looking at studio spaces for a while, but a bunch of really huge projects that I can’t share yet (I know, I’m sorry!) got thrown at us and the search was basically put on hold until the beginning of 2018. When I was still in college, I had subscribed to this weekly newsletter with a list of places for rent in New York. I didn’t even realize I still got it until I woke up one morning a few weeks ago and had a new list of spaces in my inbox. Kyle was still asleep so I decided to browse the spaces and when I got to the one that is our new office, I knew it was perfect and we had to put in an applicationĀ ASAP! I didn’t even tell Kyle about it until I had the appointment to go apply all worked out, so he was just as surprised as anyone else. Fast forward a few weeks and we are planning out where everything is going to go in the space and taping 100 balloons to the floor for this shoot!

We’re planning on sharing every area of the space very soon (and possibly on an Instagram live after we get the floors painted), but we now have 1,350 sq ft to do whatever we want with! There’s a little room in the back where we plan on keeping our craft supplies and props, a little alcove for a fridge and kitchen area, and a huge area for shoots/our desk set-up. Oh, and did I mention we’re on the ground floor of the building in a little store-front? After a three story walk-up with no elevator, a ground floor space is literally a dream! One of the first things we’re planning is a studio sale once we figure out things we want to get rid of, so I’ll keep you all posted on when that will be!

But for now, we have a ton of boxes to unpack, counters to install, desks to build, and a million other things on our never-ending list! Ha! I can’t wait to take all of you along on this journey with us; we wouldn’t be here without you! And keep checking Insta Stories for updates on our progress, we’ll be sharing a lot of videos and “firsts” in our new space since the cats outta the bag now! šŸ™‚ Expect bigger, better shoots and many more opportunities to meet and engage with all of YOU!

P.S. Sorry to those of you who thought this was an engagement haha (that’s not going to happen for a longgg time)! We know this totally looks like a baby announcement too. We’re also giving a little party in a box away to a few commenters, so let us know below what you’re excited to see/hope to see in our new space!Ā 

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  • 81 thoughts on "Aww Sam Has A New Office Space!"

    1. Elizabeth Doo-Dah! says:

      Yay!!!! I did totally thinK you were engaged! So happy for you! cingrats!

    2. Megan kalTenbach says:

      Omg! How exciting! I cant wait to see so manY more creative shoots & ideas come to life in such a fun space. And score for first floor šŸ™ŒšŸ½ Congrats!!!

    3. Olivia says:

      That’s so exciting!! I cant wait to see all of the amazing things that will come out of the new space!!! So happy for you!!


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