DIY Snapchat Filter Gift Wrap


After doing Snapchat filter pumpkins for Halloween, we thought it was only appropriate to bring the filters to the Christmas season too. Remember how easy the pumpkins were to make?! Well this gift wrap idea is just as easy and such a fun way to jazz up your wrapping paper game! Plus, if you’re not the best at wrapping presents (trust men, I can’t wrap a gift to save my life) then these print-outs will definitely hide any of your mistakes too. Ha! Now go take a photo with the puppy filter and your puppy filter present!




Printable snapchat filters (here)
Gift boxes
Wrapping paper
Hot glue gun





1. Print and cut out the snapchat filters from the templates above.

2. Wrap your gifts in plain colored wrapping paper.

3. Hot glue the printed out snapchat filters to the outside of the gift.



Raise your hand if you have a friend that would love a gift wrapped like this! And if snapchat filters aren’t your thing, we did a DIY panda gift wrap last year that was just as easy and super cute too!

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  • 4 thoughts on "DIY Snapchat Filter Gift Wrap"

    1. Georgina sin says:

      Love your ideas of bringing snapchat filter to accommodate to each different season.

    2. katrina says:

      These are so cute! Love that you brought the rainbow unicorn to life!!



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