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DIY Flamingo Pool Float Cake

I hope you all enjoyed your 4th of July and saw lots of fireworks! We’re back to our scheduled programming today with a fun new dessert DIY post. Since you guys went crazy for the pool float donuts we made, I thought we’d step it up and make a giant flamingo pool float CAKE! And we used a giant donut cake pan to make it, so technically it’s a giant “donut” pool float cake! Even better, right?! I sure know what cake I’ll be requesting for my birthday from now on. And believe it or not, this cake is really simple to make, so we’ll have you with a flamingo pool float masterpiece that’s sure to wow your party guests in no time!



Giant donut cake pan (here)
Your favorite cake batter
24 oz pink fondant
White fondant
Pink frosting
Black food coloring
New paintbrush
Wooden skewers

1. Spray the donut pans with nonstick spray. Fill both halves of your giant donut pans 2/3 full and bake according to recipe. Allow to cool completely. Level off the tops of both halves and stick together with some of your pink frosting.

2. Completely frost the outside of the cake in pink frosting.

3. Shape a flamingo head, wings, and tail with pink fondant. Shape a flamingo beak out of white fondant and attach it to the flamingo head with water. Leave the fondant pieces out for a few days to harden completely.

4. Stick wooden skewers in the fondant pieces and place them into the cake.

5. Cut a small circle out of white fondant for the eye and put a black dot in the middle of the eye by using black food coloring and a small paintbrush.

6. Brush on the black part of the beak with black food coloring and allow to dry completely. Enjoy!

Your next birthday will be so much more fun now. And if you’re looking for the best pool floats to buy for the rest of Summer, check out our pool float round-up over here! Which pool float is your favorite?


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  • 18 thoughts on "DIY Flamingo Pool Float Cake"

    1. cupkait says:

      I love love love this!!! I'm going to make this flamingo float cake and a swan version for my birthday!

    2. Hope F. says:

      How much fondant was used for this project?

      1. sam says:

        Hi Hope!
        I used about 3/4 of a box of 24oz of fondant for a 9 inch cake. But this will depend upon how big your cake is and how thick you make your fondant pieces. šŸ™‚ xoSam

    3. Hope F. says:

      Thanks for the response!


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