The 10 Best Novelty Clutches For Fashion Week

If you follow my outfit posts on Instagram, you’ll know I have a HUGE collection of novelty bags (I don’t think I actually own any other kind of bags)! I’m so happy the novelty bag trend is back and I’ve been seeing a lot of new, amazing ones lately that I want to share with all of you. Plus, New York Fashion Week is happening right now so it’s the perfect time to show off your favorite cake slice-shaped bag! Which bag is your favorite?!




Orange: New Look // Shell: Skinnydip London // Fried egg: Skinnydip London // Popsicle: Asos // Planet: Skinnydip London // Banana: Monki // Sailboat: The Whitepepper // Cake slice: Luna on the Moon // Ice cream cone: Asos // Emoji: Skinnydip London
If you want to see more fun clothes and bags, make sure to follow my “Get In My Closet” Pinterest board! Have fun at fashion week!

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  • 4 thoughts on "The 10 Best Novelty Clutches For Fashion Week"

    1. I really like the Fried Egg, Popsicle, Planet and Banana ones! They're so cute.

      1. sam says:

        I've been sitting here looking at the planet one all morning and I think I'll need to get it! 😉

    2. Anti.Muse says:

      Oh my god, I simply can not believe the cuteness of this post <3

    3. Love Skinnydip bags. I've been wanting the shell one for awhile.


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