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Hidden Design Flower Cake

I’m back with a new recipe!!! I know it’s felt like forever, and honestly, I was so burnt out after Holiday season that I couldn’t even begin thinking about working on new recipes or DIYs. I’m definitely feeling recharged and more inspired than ever to get making, and I think you’re all going to LOVE […]

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Guide to Austin + Printable Map

It feels like we just got back from Austin yesterday, but it’s already been almost a month! Wowwee time flies! This was actually one of my favorite trips that we have ever taken, and I’m hoping we get a chance to visit again soon! This was our “honeymoon” trip, if you will, since our elopement […]

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#Awwpartment: Retro Bedroom Reveal!

FINALLY!!!! After much planning, waiting, building, painting, and power tool-using, we have finally finished our bedroom!! If you watched my stories, you’ll know that I was a little worried about showing you all the bedroom. The transformation definitely isn’t as grand as some of our other rooms, and the space is sooo small we could barely fit more […]

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