Learnin’ Stuff: With Michael Kaufman

WOOOOOOOWEEEEEE! Back home in NYC, after a long week in Atlanta and my hometown, Orlando. So what better way to kick off our next interview than by interviewing my only friend in Atlanta, Michael Kaufman of @boodad6? And in case you didn’t see the news yet, Michael is now ENGAGED! Now, let’s LEARN MORE STUFF!

Q: What are your fiancée’s social media sites?
A: Sophie’s Instagram is @sophlog
Website: Sunny Peaches

Q: How did you two find each other?
A: Funny story really. Sophie and I first met when we were 16 while I was kinda sorta mayyyyybe dating her friend. Nothing serious, but her friend took me one night to hang out with her squad and Sophie and I met and really hit it off. The fling with her friend didn’t last very long, and Sophie and I didn’t see each other at all for a few months until that summer when we were both working at a summer camp in north Georgia. Sophie had never gone to summer camp as a kid and a friend convinced her to come work at my camp in north Georgia for a month the summer before our senior year of high school. The first night at camp, our mutual friend casually mentioned to me that she thought Sophie made eyes at me while a group of us were hanging out. I took note, and we ended up staying up talking that whole first night of staff orientation. At the end of the night, I kissed her. She looked at me, giggled, and said, “Wow, that was magical.” Ahhhh young love.

Q: Sounds like a summer camp dream! How about you tell us Sophie’s theme?
A: The theme of Sophie’s Instagram, first and foremost is all about bright, captivating COLOR. My gram follows a similar theme with my own twist on things. Sophie loves to showcase her funky sense of fashion, her amazing knack for finding new, interesting, and colorful places to travel, and of course, her passion for real estate and #happyhousedreams.

Q: You can never have enough color in the world! Do you work with Sophie on her Instagram a lot?
A: Pretty often, I’d say. I am Sophie’s chief photographer, and occasionally help with creative direction. Sometimes I’m just the guy holding the lightbox or blocking the sun. Other times I’m the guy arranging the props. My favorite role is being photographer. When necessary, I provide (free) legal services – these Instagram/sponsored contracts are no joke! It is definitely her gig, and she is the mastermind behind everything you see on her page. That said, I like to think that I’m a big contributor. I think my main job is moral support, and keeping her head on straight when it’s about to come off. Kyle, I know you can relate!

Q: I definitely can, Insta-Husbands unite! Ha! When did you get involved with her Instagram?
A: I’ve been there since the beginning. I’ve witnessed first hand all the changes, lessons, and developments that the @sophlog brand has been through. Because we’ve been dating since we were in high school, I’ve gotten to watch Sophie’s true passion for photography and content creation really come to fruition. Fun fact, I’m the one that showed Sophie Instagram while we were in college. If you ever have time, I encourage you to scroll down to the bottom of her feed and work your way through the evolution of @sophlog. I always get a kick of doing it myself and commenting on pictures that are several years old. Make sure to leave a comment on an old gram that makes you laugh.

Q: So you’re a cofounder almost! Do you have your own career separate from working with her on Instagram?
A: Yes. Although my bio on Instagram says “Artist,” I’m actually an attorney at law. People who see my Instagram (and hers) find it hard to believe – but I am a trial lawyer, and my practice focuses on representing clients who are severely injured by other folks. I guess, in a way, that makes an artist in some capacity – a storyteller. People come to me in there most trying times and ask me to tell their story to a jury. It’s a very tough job, but exceptionally rewarding as well. I can honestly say that there is nothing more satisfying than when a client looks me in the eye and says, “thank you for giving me part of my life back.”

Q: That sounds pretty amazing! Almost makes me want to dive back in to law! Now, tell us about what it’s like living in Atlanta! Most of the people who are big in social media seem to live in LA or NYC.
A: Atlanta is basically the new LA anyway, only with less smog, friendlier people and slightly less traffic (or maybe the same amount of traffic, but folks are more willing to let you into the lane). I really love this city though. I was born and raised here, and the city continues to grow and become more awesome each day. It’s actually the perfect place to be a creative. Sophie and I have our pick from hundreds of murals and other incredible shooting locations all in our backyard. The food scene is amazing. The folks here are down to earth and really easy to get along with. Rent is affordable. Basically, Atlanta is awesome.

I know Sophie’s been trying to convince Sam to move here, so now it’s my turn to try to get you to come Kyle!

Q: I don’t need convincing, especially not after our visit last week! I’m all about living wherever I can get real sweet tea! So, I have to know, where does the name Boodad6 come from?
A: Boo dad 6 has been my online moniker for my entire internet life. It was my screen name when I first got AOL back in the day. Legend has it that the name boodad6 has magical properties, and when spoken aloud, the ground shakes and seas part. Just kidding (or am I?) The mystery continues, but the ancient Incas tell a story of a family with a young boy and two German shepherds. A white one named Ghost, and a black one named Boo. The Incas say that on the boy’s 6th birthday, the father told his son, you are Boo’s dad. Not sure if it’s true…that’s just what I heard.

On the for real, Ghost and Boo were my sister’s childhood German shepherds.

Q: So mystical! Do you currently have any passion projects or favorite hobbies?
A: I love to read. During law school, I didn’t read for pleasure at all since I was reading so much for school, but afterwards, I began to discover that I loved exploring new worlds. Lately, I’ve been into science fiction and historical fiction. I also love reading books on anthropology and physics. I’ve really liked reading some of the classics this past year. I think the book that I enjoyed the most from 2017 was East of Eden by John Steinbeck. Steinbeck’s characters are all flawed in unique ways. He really captures the essence of what it means to be human.

I also really love hiking – you guys just went to Joshua Tree, right? That’s one of my favorites. Zion is next on my list.

There you have it folks! What a stand up dude. Michael is a pretty awesome guy, and a man after my own heart, and I think I can say I’m a little jealous of his job! Now, I need to know: are there other “Insta-Husbands” out there in the world that need to be interviewed? If so, please tell me so I can give them the spotlight they deserve! ‘Til next week, keep learnin’!

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