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Weekend Round-Up + National Donut Day Printable!

Happy National Donut Day everyone!! This is really the only national food holiday that I care about, so I thought we’d give you a free printable “donut queen” crown for today, so we can all be donut royalty and celebrate in style! I saw this vintage image from a donut pageant (I know, how amazing is a donut pageant?!) and I wanted to recreate this crown for National Donut Day. So make sure to download your own donut queen crown at the end of this post, and if any of you post a photo wearing it, make sure to tag it with #donutworrybeawwsam!

This week has flown by and has been A LOT of fun! Last night we went to a dinner for the charity RED, and I was a little starstruck after standing right next to Anthony Bourdain at a point in the night. That dude is really tall! And after a great night, I’m ready to have a great morning too because I’m taking over the @DunkinDonuts Snapchat account today to show you how I celebrate National Donut Day with a donut-related DIY project. So make sure to follow along over there! And since it’s National Donut Day, I thought I’d make the weekend links all donut-related so you can keep on celebrating into the weekend. Don’t forget to go get a free donut somewhere today! Happy NDD!!

Fun DONUT things on the Internet this week…

First was the donut ice cream cone, now there’s the donut ice cream BOWL!

Adding this crossbody to my novelty bag collection

I’ve never met a donut I didn’t like and these injectable donuts are looking so crazy good

These would make me SO hungry wearing them around all day

For all of your Summer days at the park, you’ll need this frisbee

This donut necklace is next on my list of things to DIY

Strawberry frosted donuts are my favorite, so this top is perfect


DOWNLOAD your free printable donut queen crown here!!!

Anything fun planned this weekend? How are you celebrating National Donut Day? Have a great weekend!

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