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The 10 Best Food-Shaped Throw Pillows

If you’ve ever seen the above picture of my studio or any picture of my studio for that matter, you’ll know how much I love food-shaped throw pillows! If you need pillows for your sofa, why not fill it with foods you love to munch on?! I’m always being asked where my pillows came from and how much they were, so I thought I’d give you that information, AND go even further as to give you some links to more food-shaped pillows I wish I owned too. I pretty much need all of these now, and I think you’ll feel the same way! 

Pretzel: In The Seam $40 // Banana: Thing Industries $110 // Ice Cream Cone: Land of Nod $20 // Hot Dog: Woouf $27 // Pink Cupcake: Amazon $27 // S’mores: Amazon $26 // Shrimp: AliExpress $160 // Watermelon: Land of Nod $19 // Donut: Paper Source $27 // Gummy Bear: Woouf $32

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  • 1 thought on "The 10 Best Food-Shaped Throw Pillows"

    1. So stinkin' cute! I have a macaron pillow that I bought from Forever 21 last year. It definitely needs all of these for friends <3


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