Weekend Round-Up!

After a week of long days and long nights getting ready for all of this Halloween madness next week, I'm so ready to sit in bed and watch Transparent on Amazon all weekend. Who else has been watching too?! I know I said last week we'd be starting Halloween costumes, but we had to double back and come up with some new ideas after we saw so many other people were on the same page with a circus animal cookie costume this year. Ha! BUT we still have some really good ones in store that are equally as easy to make.  

We're also filming some more video content this weekend and our first video will come out next week along with the blog post. So instead of the how-to and making section in the post, we'll be uploading a video! I'm excited to see it all come together and I'm crossing my fingers I don't sound too awkward on video. Still not used to talking to a camera! Anyways, I hope you guys are doing something other than working this weekend. Go get outside while the weather is still warm! 

Fun things on the Internet this week...

Halloween season has started and look at how cute this pumpkin DIY is!

I just bought this bubblegum pink pleated skirt and I've been wearing it non-stop

This is the easiest cake you'll probably ever make, plus it's covered in sprinkles

Can't wait to check out the places on this Palm Springs map when I go there in January 

It's the season to start buying winter jackets again, and I've got my eye on this one

You all know I love fun cakes, and I'm so excited to have a go at this giant ice cream sandwich

This La Croix costume is such a genius idea, one of my favorite costumes so far

Give me these flamingo slippers and some mint chip ice cream and I'm ready for the weekend

Anything fun planned this weekend? Sound off in the comments below!

Aww Sam New York Color Hunt

Even though New York is commonly known as the concrete jungle with a black and white aesthetic, there's a lot of color in this big city. And since I'm always up for an adventure, we're bringing you a Brooklyn color hunt today with the Square Cash App! That's right folks, the day has finally arrived for us to share a few of our favorite colorful locations and take you along for the rainbow ride.

The Square Cash App allows you to transfer funds for free instantly. So it makes paying your friend back for the cab ride over to your favorite photo spot easy and effortless! And if you ask me, Square Cash has a superior design to other financial apps and doesn't have that silly social news feed either. Definitely a win win situation, am I right?! Now let's get into that color hunt, and if you're ever in Brooklyn, you'll have some fun backdrop choices for that next Instagram profile pic!

Rainbow Leaf Wall

6 Grattan St / Brooklyn, NY 11206

Colorwave Wall

54 Bogart St / Brooklyn, NY 11206

Pink Jerkface Wall

103 Morgan Ave / Brooklyn, NY 11206

Vertical Rainbow Ombre Wall

6 Grattan St / Brooklyn, NY 11206

Did you guys have fun on our little color hunt? Which wall was your favorite? With Square Cash it was so much easier for my friends and I to travel around the city and pay each other back for taxi rides (and the dozen donuts we bought too)! We're hoping to do more color hunts around New York very soon, so stay tuned!

This post was sponsored by Square Cash. All content and opinions are my own. Thank you for continuing to support sponsors that make this blog a lot more Aww Sam! You can find more about my sponsorship opportunities here.

Giant Fairy Bread Sandwich Cake

This is not your ordinary sandwich, folks! Because this one is actually a CAKE! Do you guys remember when we made fairy bread ice cream sandwiches and we talked about what fairy bread is? Well, when I was recently doing some prop hunting online, I came across this sandwich cake mold and I knew we had to make a giant fairy bread cake! You know we love to make giant versions of normal food around here, and I'll take any excuse to bake a cake. Thus, the fairy bread sandwich cake was born, and I'm so ready to go grab another slice or two! Who wants a piece?! 


Your favorite white cake recipe

Vanilla buttercream

Sandwich cake mold (here)

Rainbow nonpareils sprinkles

Serrated knife


1. Preheat your oven to 315 degrees Fahrenheit. Grease the inside of your cake mold and flour the bottom.

2. I used two boxes of cake mix to fill the mold, but pour your cake mix into the mold about 3/4 of the way full. Bake for 60 minutes or until a knife comes out of the middle of the cake clean.  

3. Place the cake mold on a cooling rack until it is completely cooled. Remove the cake from the mold once it is cooled and place in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours. 

4. Using a serrated knife, slice the top off of the cake. Cut the cake in half so you get two slices of "bread."

5. Spread vanilla buttercream in between both cakes and sandwich together. Spread buttercream on the top of the cake to resemble butter and sprinkle rainbow nonpareils over the top.

6. Take a slice of fairy bread cake and enjoy!

Are you all just as crazy about fairy bread as I am now?! This is definitely the cutest slice of bread I've ever seen. And this cake is so easy to make that you'll be celebrating in no time!