Weekend Round-Up!

After polling all of you on Instagram a few weeks ago, the verdict was a big YES to sharing more outfit photos weekly! So I've been out scouting fun walls around the neighbor and sharing an outfit snap once a week. This week's outfit involved a killer flamingo skirt, so make sure to go check it out over on Instagram! 

We'll be taking some time off this weekend and on Monday to have a little fun and go to Coney Island for the first time ever! (Yes, I've lived in NYC for 5 years and have never been to Coney Island. Ha!) But I have a pretty incredible cake post for Tuesday that will be the perfect segue from your fun weekend at the beach, hint hint. And if you guys are in need of a good s'mores recipe for around the campfire, go check out the cotton candy s'mores we made last year that are still one of our most viewed posts! We probably won't be having s'mores around a bonfire here in NYC (no backyard kind of puts a damper on that), but s'mores around the gas stove is certainly the next best thing! Ha! Happy weekend!! 

Fun things on the Internet this week...

This pity party might be the most genius idea I've ever seen

Lisa Frank is coming out with a new coloring book, so make some donuts to celebrate!

An easy snack to make for your 4th of July weekend for all you procrastinators 

I am definitely digging the one piece swimsuit trend this year

This pool float is on sale, so you bet I bought this one to add to my collection too

I'm so ready to make this giant daisy backdrop and use it for everything

Don't forget your sun hat when you're headed to the beach this weekend!

Anything fun planned for your 4th of July weekend? Have a great weekend!

Lisa Frank Inspired Edible "Spray Paint" Donuts

Have you guys seen recently that Lisa Frank is making a comeback with an adult coloring book AND a new party line?! The 90s kid in me is screaming with excitement. So what better way to celebrate the return of a brand that is so on point for Aww Sam than to make rainbow edible "spray paint" donuts?? If you've never heard of food coloring spray mist, your mind is about to be blown! It's basically exactly what it sounds like; food coloring in an aerosol form, so you can use it just like a can of spray paint. This is such an easy way to turn boring donuts into a masterpiece, plus it's really fun to "spray paint" a donut! Ha! Find the how-to below!

You favorite donuts with vanilla icing
Edible food coloring mist (here)
Scrap piece of paper

1. Put down a scrap piece of paper (this will stain surfaces slightly if spray directly on a counter).

2. Grab one color of the edible food coloring spray and aim it about 5" away from the donut. Spray a small section of the donut and allow to dry for a few minutes. 

3. Continue this with all of the colors until you've made it all of the way around the donuts.

4. Allow to dry completely and enjoy!

You are so ready to make a colorful mess with edible spray paint now! You could even take this project a step further and make stencils to spray a design or a phrase onto your donuts. Imagine how fun a rainbow polka dot pattern would be!

DIY Flamingo Floppy Sun Hat

If you've been looking up Summer fashions online, then you'll know that these typography hats are SO popular right now. But when it comes to the price tag, you'll have to pay hundreds. Who can afford a $500 hat?! That's crazy. So we're showing you how to make a fun typography hat with a little bit of a twist. It has a FLAMINGO pattern too! Make a hat that's even more fun: check! This project is a super quick one, so if you want some fun flair for your last minute beach trip or your 4th of July celebrations this weekend, we've got you covered. PLUS, there's a printable at the bottom for the imagery so you know you have to make this now! What the flock are you waiting for?! Ha!

Floppy hat (here)
Pink iron on vinyl (here)
Black iron on vinyl (here)
Silhouette cameo machine or exacto knife
Iron with cotton setting

1. Prep the surface of the hat by making sure it's clean. 

2. Download the flamingo silhouette image and letters at the bottom of the post and either use them as a template and cut them out of the iron-on vinyl with an exacto knife, or use an electronic cutter to cut them out. 

3. Arrange the flamingos around the hat how you want them to be placed and use the instructions on your iron-on vinyl to secure them to the hat. 

4. Repeat the same process on top of the flamingo pattern with the vinyl letters. Use the ridges of the hat to line up the letters.

5. Allow the hat to cool down, and what the flock, how cool is your new hat?! 

Project execution: Cassidy Claus | Concept, Styling, and Photography: Aww Sam

I don't know about you, but I am SO ready to flamingle on over to the beach now with my new hat! What other flamingo puns can you think of that you would put on your hat? And don't forget to download the flamingo and letter templates below to make your DIY-ing a little easier!

DOWNLOAD the flamingo and letter templates here!!!!