Cosmic Brownie Milkshake Recipe

Do you guys remember cosmic brownies?! They actually still make them, but I haven't eaten one since the 90s! I used to LOVE these things, and those candy coated chocolate pieces on top were SO good. I recently found those same sprinkles used for cosmic brownies at the craft store and I knew I had to recreate some kind of cosmic brownie recipe, so today we're showing you how to make cosmic brownie milkshakes!! I mean, come on guys, is this not bringing back some nostalgia from your lunchroom days? Ha! This milkshake is super easy to make, so get ready to get hooked and add cosmic brownies back into your lunchtime routine. 

For the white chocolate ganache:

1 package white chocolate
1/2 cup heavy whipping cream

For the brownie milkshake:

1 cup whole milk
1 cup chocolate brownie mix
3 cups chocolate ice cream
1 cosmic brownie
Chocolate candy coated sprinkles
Rainbow sprinkles
Whipped cream
Chocolate sauce

For the white chocolate ganache:

1. Combine the white chocolate and heavy whipping cream in a saucepan on low heat. Stir until all of the chocolate has melted. 

2. Place in the refrigerator until the ganache has cooled. 

3. Mix with an electric mixer until the ganache is a spreadable consistency. 

For the brownie milkshake:

1. Combine the milk, brownie mix, chocolate ice cream, and cosmic brownie in a blender and blend until smooth. 

For assembly:

1. Spread the ganache around the rim of the milkshake glass and stick the rainbow sprinkles and chocolate candy coated sprinkles to it. Place glass in the refrigerator to chill.

2. Once it has chilled, drizzle chocolate sauce on the inside of the glass. Pour in your milkshake. 

3. Finish off the top with whipped cream, cosmic brownie pieces, and sprinkles!

Who's ready for a milkshake?! It's definitely been perfect milkshake weather here, and I'm ready to eat 10 of these babies since they taste like cosmic brownies! 

DIY Beachy Typography Swimsuit

Who's ready for Summer?! I know I definitely am, although New York doesn't seem to know what season we're in. Ha! I've still got my fingers crossed that Summer is going to appear soon (and I know it already has for some of you on the West Coast), so we're showing you how to get ready with an awesome new suit because sun's out bun's out! I'd been seeing these typography swimsuits EVERYWHERE, but they sure come with a hefty price tag, and I knew we could do a really easy DIY version. This project only takes about 15 minutes, so if you want to spice up your swimsuit right before you leave for the beach, you've come to the right place! 

Black and white iron-on vinyl (here)
Plain swimsuit or bodysuit
Cotton cloth
Piece of cardboard

1. Use a digital cutting machine to cut the phrase you want out of vinyl. 

2. Place a cardboard piece inside of the swimsuit so you have a flat surface to iron on. 

3. Use the instructions on your iron-on vinyl to put it on properly. 

4. I stuck the phrase on the middle of the swimsuit and ironed it on a cotton setting. Put a cloth in between the phrase and the iron so you don't melt the vinyl. 

5. Peel away the clear backing on the vinyl and iron using the cloth again for 30 seconds longer.

6. Allow to cool, and go get your beach on!

Shell yeah! How many of you are going to personalize your swimsuit this Summer season? What phrase are you going to use? My favorite one is definitely "beach, please." Ha! 

Weekend Round-Up!

I shared this photo on Instagram yesterday, so you've already seen it if you follow along over there, but I had the fun (and definitely weird) idea of filling up a pool with smiley face balloons while wearing a smiley face swimsuit and smiley face sunglasses. Ha! Seriously, my ideas are bizarre sometimes! 

I feel like every Friday I say it's been a busy week, but I can't remember the last time it hasn't been a busy week! It's definitely crazy being your own boss while also answering emails, doing photography, editing, writing, etc. I have about 20 jobs total!! Aww Sam's 1st birthday is next week, and in preparation I've been thinking about next steps for the brand, so this week I had a lot of meetings and started some exciting partnerships for our next year. Andddd I'm getting ready to hire for positions! I've been wanting to hire a part-time employee and fill a few other positions for a while, but the timing never felt right until now. So if you're in the NYC area, be on the lookout for job details and how to apply next week! 

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Anything fun planned this weekend? My parents will be here on Sunday, but otherwise I'll be doing work work work work! Have a great weekend!